TimeStudio version 3.11 available

TimeStudio version 3.11 is now available as the latest stable version!
This version includes a critical bugfix for downloading uwids. Unfortunately the uploading of uwids is temporarily disabled, but we expect that version 3.12 will be available within a day or two, so that uwids can be uploaded again!

A critical bug in eyetracking_AOI_define since v3.08!

There has been a critical bug in the plugin eyetracking_AOI_define since TimeStudio v3.08, which slipped out during debugging of this version. The bug made all trials have a time range of 0-10 seconds!!! So if you have updated TimeStudio and used this plugin during the last 7 days you need to update again to correct this problem! We apologize for that.

To stop this from happening again we have added a new function for developers called TSdebug. Usage: set the TS.ALLINFO.debug variable to 1 to enable TS debugging. Then insert the TSdebug command in the actual source code. Either use TSdebug with a single input argument (TS) to start a conditional block or add more input arguments (TS, varargin) to output the other input arguments to the command window. You can find more information by typing >> help TSdebug

TimeStudio version 3.09 available

TimeStudio version 3.09 is now available as the latest stable version!

This version includes the following updates:

  • events_reject has been polished and several bugs are fixed. Give it a try!
  • It is now possible to include subfolders in the subfunction folder when exporting files. You probably won’t notice the difference, but it is great when packaging MATLAB classes and external toolboxes as dependencies.
  • eyetracking_AOI_results have a new dropbox that works with “after AOI” and latencies. Sometimes you may want latencies relative the target AOI time (default) and sometimes you want to know the latencies relative when gaze first enters the “after AOI”. Use the new textbox to select the latency type.

TimeStudio version 3.08 available

TimeStudio version 3.08 is now available as the latest stable version!

This version includes the following updates:

  • A memory leak in eyetracking_AOI_define is now fixed. Also, getting size and position from variables now works simultaneous.
  • A plotting bug in core_event_related_data_extraction is fixed.
  • Some Macs could not run TimeStudio after installation due to hidden folders, but this is now fixed.
  • TimeStudio clears the memory after every running each plugin to improve memory usage.

TimeStudio version 3.07 available

TimeStudio version 3.07 is now available as the latest stable version!

Tip: Did you notice that there is a menu function “Plugin->Update selected plugins with core plugins” that you can use if you want to update exported studies with out-dated plugins? An example: you got an exported study from a friend, and core plugins in that study became custom plugins (due to safe plugin version handling and archiving purposes). The core plugins are updated (such as below) and you want to update your friend’s study with the new core versions. To do this, select all plugins and use the menu function “Plugin->Update selected plugins with core plugins”. Done.

This version includes the following updates:

  • Increased stability during processing. Sometimes the setting window GUI was rendered in existing result figures (when users clicked in other figures during processing). This should now be fixed.
  • A new function is available in the main window: “Tools->Set x and y limits for all figures” (Ctrl+3). This function is useful if your results figures has different scales.
  • A new file reader has been added to the core plugins: core_read_file_fast. It is much faster than core_read_file, but less general.
  • The plugin core_event_related_data_extraction has an option to interpolate gaps in data (which are interpolated in plots). Also, the plugin now handles duplicate timestamps (by using the first timestamp only).
  • Bugfix in eyetracking_AOI_define, when keyframes before ‘time zero’-keyframes were removed.
  • Added group processing in core_script

TimeStudio version 3.06 available

TimeStudio version 3.06 is now available as the latest stable version! Although the last update was only two days ago we think that this update with three really nice things is too good to postphone 🙂

This version includes the following updates:

  • The new core plugin core_reject_samples has been added to the core library. Use this plugin to replace invalid values (such as +-Inf or outlier values) with NaN. Such samples can then be interpolated with core_interpolate_gap. We have had great use of this plugin during beta stages for cleaning up noisy data or data with glitches.
  • We have fixed a memory leak and bug when saving files. The filesizes of saved and exported studies will probably be significantly smaller in the future.
  • The plugin core_event_related_data_extraction sometimes stopped processing due to duplicate timestamps or empty trials. This is now fixed, and the plugin will output warnings and notification on which events are problematic.

TimeStudio version 3.05 available

TimeStudio version 3.05 is now available as the latest stable version! This version includes the following updates:

  • The plugin eyetracking_AOI_results can now extract the first fixation duration (see help text for more information on the required datafield “fixation”).
  • The plugin eyetracking_AOI_results had a bug that often resulted in “Index exceeds matrix dimensions”. This bug is now fixed.

TimeStudio version 3.04 available

TimeStudio version 3.04 is now available as the latest stable version! This version includes the following updates:

  • Some uwids were not possible to download. This bug should now be fixed.
  • The plugin events_reject does not use Image Processing Toolbox anymore.
  • A minor bug was fixed when the user searched for plugins and an empty list was returned.

TimeStudio version 3.03 available

TimeStudio version 3.03 is now available as the latest stable version! This version includes the following updates:

  • The exported and saved studies are now compressed to speed up uploads/downloads.
  • The standard message window that outputs results is now equipped with a context menu to perform a few common tasks that makes it easier to cut and paste into spreadsheets. Right-click to choose from the alternatives to replace dot’s with commas, save to text file (for easy import into SPSS), etc.
  • The 5 last opened studies are now available directly from the file menu.
  • eyetracking_AOI_define has more options in the context menu of the preview window: change the size or position or flip x/y for all keyframes. This can be a real time saver for dynamic AOIs.
  • eyetracking_AOI_define gaze replays are much faster. However, when displaying several subjects at once there may still be some lags.
  • eyetracking_AOI_define now buffers 30 video frames when displaying videos. This makes video playback smoother, and makes frame by frame stepping much faster.
  • General bug fixes.

MATLAB release 2015a

We are happy to try out MATLAB’s latest release (r2015a) and hope that this release will give us even more power to do efficient research! Unfortunately there are some changes in how graphics are handled which are not compatible with the current version of TimeStudio. We are of course working to get this fixed as soon as possible!