Getting started

To be able to use of TimeStudio you need to have MATLAB (Mathworks) installed on your computer. We recommend using the latest release of MATLAB. To download Matlab please visit

TimeStudio v2.0 was released in April 2014. For information about the latest releases check the Updates section or use the menu function “Check for updates” in the TimeStudio main GUI.

Type the following command within Matlab to install the full software:

>> eval(urlread(''));

Follow the installation instructions in the MATLAB command window. When installation is done, launch TimeStudio by typing “timestudio” (all lower letters) into the Matlab command window and pressing the “return”-key:

>> timestudio

After doing this the main window of TimeStudio will appear as shown below. For more information please have a look in the manuals section, or if you have specific questions you should visit the user forum!