A critical bug in eyetracking_AOI_define since v3.08!

There has been a critical bug in the plugin eyetracking_AOI_define since TimeStudio v3.08, which slipped out during debugging of this version. The bug made all trials have a time range of 0-10 seconds!!! So if you have updated TimeStudio and used this plugin during the last 7 days you need to update again to correct this problem! We apologize for that.

To stop this from happening again we have added a new function for developers called TSdebug. Usage: set the TS.ALLINFO.debug variable to 1 to enable TS debugging. Then insert the TSdebug command in the actual source code. Either use TSdebug with a single input argument (TS) to start a conditional block or add more input arguments (TS, varargin) to output the other input arguments to the command window. You can find more information by typing >> help TSdebug

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