TimeStudio version 3.06 available

TimeStudio version 3.06 is now available as the latest stable version! Although the last update was only two days ago we think that this update with three really nice things is too good to postphone 🙂

This version includes the following updates:

  • The new core plugin core_reject_samples has been added to the core library. Use this plugin to replace invalid values (such as +-Inf or outlier values) with NaN. Such samples can then be interpolated with core_interpolate_gap. We have had great use of this plugin during beta stages for cleaning up noisy data or data with glitches.
  • We have fixed a memory leak and bug when saving files. The filesizes of saved and exported studies will probably be significantly smaller in the future.
  • The plugin core_event_related_data_extraction sometimes stopped processing due to duplicate timestamps or empty trials. This is now fixed, and the plugin will output warnings and notification on which events are problematic.

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