TimeStudio version 3.07 available

TimeStudio version 3.07 is now available as the latest stable version!

Tip: Did you notice that there is a menu function “Plugin->Update selected plugins with core plugins” that you can use if you want to update exported studies with out-dated plugins? An example: you got an exported study from a friend, and core plugins in that study became custom plugins (due to safe plugin version handling and archiving purposes). The core plugins are updated (such as below) and you want to update your friend’s study with the new core versions. To do this, select all plugins and use the menu function “Plugin->Update selected plugins with core plugins”. Done.

This version includes the following updates:

  • Increased stability during processing. Sometimes the setting window GUI was rendered in existing result figures (when users clicked in other figures during processing). This should now be fixed.
  • A new function is available in the main window: “Tools->Set x and y limits for all figures” (Ctrl+3). This function is useful if your results figures has different scales.
  • A new file reader has been added to the core plugins: core_read_file_fast. It is much faster than core_read_file, but less general.
  • The plugin core_event_related_data_extraction has an option to interpolate gaps in data (which are interpolated in plots). Also, the plugin now handles duplicate timestamps (by using the first timestamp only).
  • Bugfix in eyetracking_AOI_define, when keyframes before ‘time zero’-keyframes were removed.
  • Added group processing in core_script

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