Along with construction equipment sale construction equipment for rent the economic takeoff of China development and real estate industry hot benefit, the state for public infrastructure spending construction equipment construction machinery australia finance a large amount of capital, the construction equipment leasing related construction team also increasingly grow. According to statistics, China's enterprises in the construction industry has more than 10, employing up to about 36000000, but in the construction related jobs to obtain professional certification is not up to the demands construction excavator of the market. In addition, construction equipment companies with the 2015 version of "construction enterprise qualification standards" introduced, for the professional qualification requirements of construction enterprises and prior to the increase in construction machinery industry China, promoted the construction technology and management level and the quality construction equipment rental companies of the project at the same time, more and more attention to the construction industry training professional construction equipment pictures and technical construction equipment construction construction equipments pdf job sale people. Engaged in the construction industry practitioners, "the building of professional and technical personnel training examination" is often said that the "building nine members", including technicians, construction instruments construction workers, the quality of staff, security staff, material staff, surveyors, budget member, member, member of the nine kinds of construction machinery manufacturer test construction equipments pdf data, which are building engineering the on-site technical management positions, to the technical backbone of very important to do with in the whole process of construction, compared to the general types construction equipment uk of salary is much construction equipment for rent construction machinery co higher, by the vast number of employment personnel need attention and welcome. As society increasingly attach construction equipment sale importance to the construction quality, building nine commissioners technology needs construction equipments pdf post construction equipment operator rising and construction jobs nine construction equipment financing members must be certified, nine types of personnel qualification certificate also popular construction machinery market science education, with nine commissioners examination training enrollment, construction equipment rentals the number of candidates each year are increased, constantly refresh record. Want to win the national general construction equipment hire nine construction equipment tools commissioners qualification certificates of training, participate in the qualifying examination, personnel education, training for the construction and installation of construction enterprise, staff of project supervision enterprises undocumented workers and volunteers engaged construction machinery magazine in the construction industry related professional work is a the only way which must be passed. Elson education as the best choice of occupation training school and the largest construction industry is undoubtedly the construction equipment machinery training building nine functions of education.