TimeStudio version 3.14 available

TimeStudio version 3.14 is now available as the latest stable version! It has some small design changes that make a big difference! Also, there are two new eyetracking plugins (see below).

This version includes the following updates:

  • eyetracking_AOI_define now shows active keyframes with blue dots in the timeline and inactive key frames with red dots. The time reference key frame (time zero, using the “0” button) is marked by a black circle.
  • eyetracking_AOI_define has been bugfixed when toggling key frames active/inactive, and the AOI dropdown menu now updates when you change settings.
  • The plugin eyetracking_ivt_fixation_filter has been added! This plugin makes it possible to filter raw gaze data into fixation data… The plugin mimicks Tobii Studio’s IVT-filter as close as possible, with some minor adjustments to conform to different eye tracking gaze formats.
  • The plugin eyetracking_AOI_crosstable has also been added! Ever wondered about how participants shift their gaze between multiple AOIs? Eyetracking_AOI_crosstable will create a 2D matrix with all AOIs on the X and Y axes and give a frequency index on how many time the gaze moves from an AOI on the Y axis to an AOI on the X axis.
  • When you open an exported study you will now be asked if you want to update core plugins in the opened study.